Soft Blade, the brainchild of Moscow-born musician and artist Violetta Shabash, is an influential figure in the underground Russian music scene. Known for her innovative approach, she blends elements of ambient, house, techno and dub to create a distinctive, captivating sound. Often referred to as a DIY project, Soft Blade stands out for Violetta's hands-on method in writing and mixing her tracks, characterised by a memorable lo-fi sound, ethereal vocals, and bright, evocative lyrics.

Many listeners have shared that they deeply understand her emotions, and find it to be a healing and intimate experience, even though she sings in Russian. Violetta's work often evokes a sense of nostalgia for something that hasn't happened yet, stirring bittersweet feelings. Tracks like 'Zerkalo' and her latest release, 'Koster', exemplify her ability to craft intricate sonic narratives that resonate deeply with her audience.

Soft Blade's artistry is not confined to studio recordings. Her project, eight years in the making, is audiovisual in spirit, with Violetta creating her own cover art, merchandise and cassette designs. Although Violetta only started performing live a couple of years ago, she has performed at several major Russian electronic festivals. 

Beyond her solo projects, Soft Blade has demonstrated a commitment to supporting and uplifting fellow artists. Her recent compilation album, 'Ne Strashno,' features an array of talented Russian artists with all proceeds dedicated to charity. This project not only highlights her collaborative spirit but also her dedication to using her platform for positive social impact.

As Soft Blade continues to evolve her sound and push the boundaries of electronic music, her influence on the genre is undeniable. For both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to the scene, following her journey promises a rich and rewarding listening adventure.

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